Elizabeth Olsen did a great final twist for WandaVision


The leading actress of the Marvel Studios series advances a big surprise for the final episode and claims to be excited by the fans.

Elizabeth Olsen, the leading actress of the Marvel Studios series Scarlet Witch and Vision (WandaVision) in her recurring role as Wanda Maximoff, has anticipated a great final surprise for the last episode on the level of what she experienced with the last chapter of the second season from The Mandalorian. She has thus assured her in a recent interview that she picks up the TV Line medium at the moment when the series is right in the middle and after a very revealing fourth episode at the plot level.

Excited by fans

Thus, if in another recent interview it was actor Paul Bettany, co-starring as Vision with Olsen, who advanced great levels of action and visual effects for the final stretch of the Disney + series, now it is his co-star who elevates the expectation among fans with a resounding “yes” to the question of whether we can expect a great final twist for the last episode of the series. In addition, the actress herself claims to feel “very excited” that viewers see what is to come.

Likewise, the showrunner and creator of the series, Jac Schaeffer, adds that “there are many surprises in store” for the remaining five episodes of the series, evidently without revealing what or who could appear to connect its argument with other series or films that are to come from the UCM. Recall that the Scarlet Witch will appear in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and that the series will connect directly with said film, so the surprise could well be related to Doctor Strange or the Marvel multiverses.

Taking advantage of the occasion, Marvel Studios has shared a new poster that you can see below these lines. On the other hand, a new Marvel Studios series was recently announced for Disney + based on the Black Panther and Wakanda universe, directed by the same director in charge of the Black Panther films at the UCM.


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