Elizabeth II soon replaced by Prince Charles? We know more!


Elizabeth II would soon be ready to abdicate in favor of her son Prince Charles. But then what will be the rules of succession?

Elizabeth II seems increasingly ready to leave the throne to her son Prince Charles. A transfer of power that makes a lot of talk. In fact, after 67 years of reign, the 93-year-old queen would be ready to pass the torch to her elder brother and that in a short time.

Even if each public appearance Elizabeth II always looks good, her family is in turmoil. Indeed, the name of the royal family of England has been blighted by a scandal. One of the Queen’s sons Andrew was implicated in the Epstein case.

His 59-year-old relationship with the rape businessman damaged the reputation of Duke York. Indeed, the Duke even resigned from his functions. The queen does not know how to express on the subject.

So, we can say that this story must have tired Queen Elizabeth II. And after almost 70 years of reign, the latter would surely want to rest. Thus, the first in succession is his eldest son Charles, the father of Harry and William.

Like his predecessors, the son of Elizabeth II will have to choose a reign name. If he wants to keep his first name, he will have to add the number III behind. Indeed, there was already a Charles II in the 17th century. And the rule obliges to add a figure to an already existing name.

However, if he does not wish to be called like that the son of Elizabeth II is free to choose. He can choose a number and a first name. And the Prince has other first names: Philip, Arthur, George. It could thus be called, according to a source in the Express: “King George VII, or King Philip, or King Arthur”.


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