Elizabeth II: this passion of prince William which scares the queen very much!


Elizabeth II can no longer bear the passion that Prince William has for motorcycles! Indeed, it frightens him to the point!

It’s no secret that Prince William loves riding on two wheels! A means of transport that is far from pleasing Elizabeth II…

Since he was a teenager, Prince William has been passionate about motorcycles! Indeed, the man adores crisscrossing the roads of London on a big cylinder … However, there is a shadow on the table and not least … His grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II hates the motorcycle … Worse, that scares the most!

“I think it scares a lot of people at Buckingham Palace. Especially Queen Elizabeth. His mother constantly fled the paparazzi, who were on motorbikes. Now her son uses a motorbike for the same reasons, ”reveals a source close to the crown to Marie Claire.

Prince William’s passion for motorcycles does not start yesterday! Indeed, already the teenager himself was fascinated: “I don’t know why, but I have always had a passion for motorcycles since I was little,” explained the grandson of Elizabeth II in 2011. If he likes driving so much, it is also because the helmet allows him to pass incognito in London. “My motorcycle helmet hides my face and allows me to go unnoticed … So it’s a moment of relaxation,” said the darling of Queen Elizabeth II.

Prince William’s wife, on the other hand, does not share the same opinion at all as her husband! Indeed, in an interview for The Telegraph, the queen’s beautiful little girl said about one of her husband’s motorcycles. “He often drives with it and I’m horrified every time he hits the road! “This should therefore please Elizabeth II.


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