Elizabeth II finally Kate Middleton, William


Elizabeth II preferred not to take risks for several months. Indeed, the pandemic is dangerous for the elderly!

And even if the queen is in good shape despite her 94 years, her husband has had some problems lately! At the same time, he is 99 years old!

Thus, the royal couple decided to spend the confinement in Windsor. The queen had therefore had to cancel all the annual events that punctuate her life.

These include: garden parties, the Trooping the Color parade or official events …

Yet Elizabeth II did not give up her vacation at Balmoral! Indeed, since the beginning of August she has been in Scotland!


The Queen of England did not hesitate to fly to Scotland. Indeed, Elizabeth II is much too attached to her vacation at Balmoral!

She also invited her family to join her! Thus, the sovereign has found Kate Middleton, William and their children!

A real happiness for the grandmother who adores her grandchildren! However, as you would expect … The Sussex couple were not in the game.

A very sad news for Elizabeth II who has hardly seen Archie since his birth …

Despite this absence, the queen was able to take advantage of her relatives and see Kate Middleton again. Indeed, the two women being close, it must have done him good!

However, the royal communication was clear: social distances were respected! The queen didn’t want to take any risks! Wise decision !

We hope she will have enjoyed this family moment after long months without seeing them!

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