Elizabeth Hurley Tries on an Image Without Pants, Continuing to Be Ageless


Elizabeth Hurley has been playing professionally for 35 years, and her early works include “Rowing with the Wind”, “Passenger 57”, “Christabel”, “Act of Will” and even an episode of “The Chronicles of Young Indiana Jones” (which can be viewed with a Paramount+ subscription). These days she is still busy with a lot of projects, but for those who are wondering how she feels when not on camera, the actress has now adopted an image without pants, proving that she is still ageless.

On her Instagram page, Elizabeth Hurley shared a photo in which she is wearing only a Christmas hoodie created by her friend Patrick Cox, who founded Doors of Perception, a line of “entheogenic clothing” that produces “uplifting clothes” directly from Ibiza. and “ethically obtained” and “sustainably produced”. Let’s take a look!

 Patrick Cox has been working in the fashion industry for almost 40 years (including shoe manufacturing), so this man clearly understands clothes. However, if you want to draw attention to one of your new garments, let Elizabeth Hurley model it… and that alone will certainly attract attention. This photo follows five years after Hurley posed topless on a cozy bed with white fur pillows, and in 2020 she shared a video of herself lifting weights in a bikini.

Elizabeth Hurley began her professional modeling career back in 1995, two years before she starred with Mike Myers in the first Austin Powers film. Along with posing for various companies and advertising campaigns, she also attracted attention with a poster for her 2000 film Blinded by Dazzle, in which she defiantly lay in just a bikini… oh yes, and a snake was draped over her. The last image of Hurley without pants followed a few years after Alexandra Daddario advocated such a lifestyle, and Halle Berry also joined this action.

As for Elizabeth Hurley’s professional activities in recent years, in 2019 she starred as Morgan le Fay in the third and final season of the TV series “Runaways”, which is still available for viewing to Hulu subscribers. A few years before that, she was among the leading actors of E! Soap opera The Royals. 2022 was an important year for Hurley on the Christmas movie front, as she appeared in both “Christmas in Paradise” and “Christmas in the Caribbean.” Between then and last year’s “Santa Claus is Back” she has quite a festive run, so hopefully she will keep it in 2023.

Stay tuned to CinemaBlend to learn more about Elizabeth Hurley’s career, as well as whether she shares other images without pants on social networks. Feel free to also check out the 2023 movie releases to find out what cinematic entertainment you’ll be watching in theaters, on VOD, or streaming in the coming year.


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