Elizabeth 2 and Prince Charles can’t take Meghan Markle anymore


Elizabeth 2 and Prince Charles can’t take Meghan Markle anymore. Meghan Markle is enjoying her new life. Far from the Windsor clan, she continues to annoy Elizabeth 2 and her son Prince Charles.

Meghan Markle continues to arrest certain members of the English royal family . Like Queen Elizabeth 2 , but also Prince Charles.

Queen Elizabeth 2 has seen better days. To date, England is also facing the terrible Covid-19 epidemic. Her son Prince Charles has also tested positive for the coronavirus. According to the latest news, he is much better.

To make matters worse, the Windsor clan continues to tear apart. Besides, Meghan Markle and Harry have definitely settled in the United States. Exit the royal obligations! As of March 31, 2020, the Sussexes are therefore no longer active members of the Windsor clan.

But their new sight train doesn’t really please monarch Elizabeth 2 . In addition, the couple’s security would no longer be ensured by the Crown!

According to the Daily Mail, Meghan Markle would make all of their family’s decisions. And Harry wouldn’t really have a say anymore . So obviously, the queen sees the red! Prince Charles’ mother sees her clan tear apart and it annoys her.

According to the Daily Mail in the future, Elizabeth 2 will no longer make efforts towards the Sussexes. “Despite the sadness and the annoyances aroused by the withdrawal and the decision to live abroad of Meghan and Harry, the Queen, Prince Charles and Prince William (…) consider that they can no longer stretch bridges over of the widening ditch.

The media also adds: ” Harry and Meghan have made their choice and it is quite obvious that they now want to go ahead, to which all the other members of the royal family are resolved . ” And to conclude: “There is no shortage of work, especially with the health crisis”.

In the future, Queen Elizabeth 2 would therefore only focus on those who brilliantly represent the Windsor clan. Too bad for Meghan Markle and Harry…


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