Elite: This pair of actors from the series starred in love off-camera


Since the launch of this series in 2018, the cast was full of young figures from Spanish television, who coincided on this set to star in one of the most sought-after productions on the streaming platform. The different experiences that the characters had to live in this plot, made the Spanish actors and protagonists of “Elite“, María Pedraza (Marina) and Jaime Lorente (Nano) were romantically together in real life.

Not everything happens only in “Las Encinas”, nor within the most exclusive school in Spain, this pair of classmates decided to share beyond the Elite recording set, and live a short, but very intense love relationship, full of passion and kisses . They used their private social networks to spread any number of photographs being together and the nightlife they lived as stars always came hand in hand, openly.

Despite the fact that Pedraza was only in that first season of Elite and that Lorente endured a couple more, that did not prevent the relationship from being maintained and consolidated for a time in which they could be seen walking the streets of Madrid or attending theater plays.

Although their relationship within Elite was about the classic love between the good girl and the neighborhood baddie, Pedraza and Lorente knew how to carry their relationship without major scandals while it lasted. In addition, they not only shared their career with the Elite experience, but also starred as a couple in other Netflix projects such as the movie “Who would you take to a desert island” in which they are “Marcos” and “Marta”. This play was written and directed by Jota Linares and Paco Anaya.

As everything has its end, this relationship also came to his. Jaime and María met on the set of ‘La Casa de Papel’, in 2016. Then they met again in ‘Elite‘, but they only fell in love in 2018. A lot of water had passed and the confinement due to the pandemic did not help much. The confirmation of the breakup at the end of 2021 was in the headlines of several celebrity magazines who no longer highlighted their growth as acting professionals but because they had stopped following each other on Instagram and the actress deleted all the photos she had with the actor. For his part, Jaime continues to maintain those of María, until today’s sun.

Both continued to be successful in their acting careers, as Lorente was not only in ‘La Casa de Papel’ and ‘Elite‘ but also El Cid. She, on the other hand, starred in the series ‘Toy Boy’ and the movie ‘The summer we live’, it is not known if they really still keep in touch and wish each other well.