Elite Series A1: TCL announces air conditioning models


In an online event held on the morning of Thursday (21), Semp TCL updated its line of air conditioners in Brazil. The company announced the Elite Series A1 devices on the national market. These are successors to the line brought to the country in July 2019.

The company brought nine models, of which four are traditional, four fall into the inverter category and there is still a laptop.

Main features

According to the company, there will be four models of traditional air conditioners and four split inverters. Both modalities will have options of 9,000, 12,000, 18,000 and 24,000 BTU / h. There will also be an alternative to the 12,000 portable line.

Some features are present only in inverter conditioners, which promise savings of up to 75% compared to traditional ones. One of the novelties is the ECO mode, which seeks to increase energy efficiency by putting the compressor to work at low and medium frequencies.

The products also allow operation at high external temperatures. If there is a heat of 50 ° C – when hitting Sol directly -, the nominal capacity remains at 100%. At 60 ° C, it drops to 70%.

For greater resistance, the coil is made of copper, in addition to having protection against corrosion. In the specific case of the inverter series, there is a DC motor in the alternatives of 12,000 and 24,000 BTU / h. This mode also has the Silent Mode, in order to operate at 19 dB (A).


Other news are in the cleaning of the product and in the air. The models have the Silver Ion filter, to retain bacteria particles, while the activated carbon acts to eliminate odors and dust, in order to clean the ambient air.

In the case of Inverters, there is a sterilization process, through three steps with high temperatures: freezing; thaw; and drying and sterilization at 56 ° C. It promises to eliminate up to 90% of viruses and bacteria.

Self-cleaning is done by drying the internal coil to prevent the formation of mold and bacteria in the indoor unit. The operation consists of pressing the off button, which will make the device operate in ventilation mode for about 2 minutes to eliminate moisture.

Finally, there is the Clean Filter Alert, which warns you to clean the air filter after 500 hours of use.


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