Elite Season 6: Netflix confirms the sad departure of Itzan Escamilla with photos


Just one month after the premiere of the fifth season of Elite, the Netflix platform has fired the penultimate member of the original cast of the program, Itzan Escamilla, after posting a set of photos of the actor and his character while he is being fired on his social networks. . However, the news has taken everyone by surprise, including the star, where everyone is waiting for a statement from him.

Itzan Escamilla has been playing Samuel Garcia since the first season of Elite, making him the last original member to stay on the show. Interestingly, the fifth installment of the youth drama seems to have advanced the departure of the star, after his character had a shocking story that put his life in doubt.

In the season five finale of Elite, Samuel visits Benjamín (Diego Martín) to hear him out before heading to the police station to hand over an incriminating SIM card containing the criminal dealings of Benjamín and Armando (Andrés Velencoso). The SIM card would prove that Benjamin had a motive to kill Armando and basically clear Samuel’s name.

But, Samuel and Benjamin get into an argument before Samuel slips, hits his head on the cement, and falls into the family pool. At this point, we are led to believe that Samuel is dead, however, scenes later we see that he gets up and tries to run away, but loses consciousness until he closes his eyes forever, while Rebeka (Claudia Salas) and Omar (Omar Ayasu) hold him.

Interestingly, after Itzan Escamilla’s departure was confirmed, rumors have been emerging that the decision to leave the Elite series was not made by the actor, but by the show’s producers for “creative reasons.” The actor, so far, has not spoken.

“That’s how we met him, and that’s how we said goodbye, Samuel.”

With the official account of the series confirming Itzan Escamilla’s departure, it is more than certain that Samuel is dead. Which means that the only original member of Elite left is Omar Ayasuo, it is expected that his co-star will also react soon to the unfortunate news of the Netflix platform, where he only reacted with an emoticon to the publication.

Fortunately, season 6 of Elite has been confirmed by the Netflix platform, which means that viewers will be able to continue enjoying this incredible youth program that keeps everyone captivated by its curious and shocking stories.