Elite Season 6: Last Original Cast Member Says Goodbye to Netflix Drama


Elite is the Spanish youth drama that became a fan sensation since it premiered on the Netflix streaming platform at the end of 2018. The series quickly became one of the most watched programs, ranking in the first places of the Top 10 of the service, maintaining his position throughout the five seasons he has under his belt so far.

The successful series has accumulated a solid fan base over this time, due not only to its fascinating dark stories surrounded by betrayal, suspense, excess and death, involving each of its characters, but also because of the interpretive quality of its actors. The original cast of Elite has been fading over time and it was with season 5 that the last cast member who remained since 2018 was fired.

Season 5 of Elite premiered on Netflix on April 8, but it was this week that Omar Ayuso officially said goodbye, who played Omar Shanaa since the first season as Samuel García’s (Itzan Escamilla) best friend and brother of Nadia (Mine El Hammani).

Although his departure was announced in November 2020 after the fourth season of Elite, Omar Ayuso has just said goodbye to his character with an emotional message, confirming that Omar Shanaa will not be present with the next installment of the series from Netflix. He is the last to say goodbye, after season after season each of the original members left the cast that was formed for the show’s debut.

Omar Ayuso says goodbye to the fans and Elite with an emotional message

Let’s remember that Elite has been renewing its cast of characters all these years, since the seasons of the Spanish drama are structured that way. With the departure of Ayuso and his character from Elite, one of the key elements of the story since the series first appeared on screen, the hope that fans had about the return of Itzan Escamilla with the sixth installment is also discarded.

It was through his official Instagram account, where Omar Ayuso shared the sad news for fans of the Netflix series. Along with a photo that shows his first and last appearance in Elite, the actor let his pen slide when writing an emotional message, which could have undoubtedly brought tears to some how many.

“I spent the entire launch week of the series not wanting to share these two images – my first and last shot of what has been the most important emotional journey of my life so far. In one image, an excited and insecure child. On the other, a boy who, although he is still just as excited, is even less sure of himself than at the beginning. Elite, we owe each other so many things that it is best to leave us alone, “wrote Omar Ayuso.

“Thanks to all the people who came to me from the beginning of this wonderful path that is mine, in which we will meet many times. Thanks Omar, we gave each other so much life and so many wars! The adventure continues! “, Ended his farewell.