Elite: Season 4 Tries, But Fails To Surprise



Elite: Season 4 of Elite hit the Netflix catalog last Friday (18th), being one of the most anticipated by viewers. The anxiety surrounding the new season was amplified by previous releases of Short Stories, chapters in which the streaming platform explored tales of characters who would leave the series and veterans who would remain.

With the expectation to meet the new characters, the show was released in 1st place of the most watched series on Netflix, but disappointed fans by not doing something that happened in the first seasons: surprise them.

Want to know how the season went? Check out the full review of season 4 of Elite!

Review: Elite Season 4 Relies on Sex and Repetitive Teen Themes

It’s never easy to say goodbye to characters you’ve already fallen in love with. This is especially true when these characters have strong and endearing personalities, as was the case with Carla, Lucrecia and Nadia (although this one did make a small appearance).

To fill these gaps, the show brought a new director and, with him, his three children: Ari, Mencía and Patrick, as well as Philippe, a prince who could even have an interesting dynamic to the story.

As with all previous seasons, this one also has its own mystery. Who tried to kill Arí? The problem is that, contrary to how the series began, the episodes seem to be drawn out, revolving around problematic teenagers that we’ve seen in hundreds of other titles and, in the Spanish series, seem forced.

The Elite series is rated +18 on the streaming platform and it’s not hard to understand the appeal. The sexual scenes also seem to have been used as crutches to conquer the public and attract the attention of young people, with some moments that bring with them relevant issues – such as non-consensual recordings and prostitution, in addition to the threat of exposure. Still, the series seems to have lost its purpose and the features that made it so interesting.

It takes 8 episodes for the mystery of Ari’s aggression to be solved (an already common formula for the series). The problem with Season 4 is that each episode feels massive, with cyclical stories that don’t end up anywhere. Even the attacker’s disclosure was already expected, underscoring the danger that the script has, in fact, declined.


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