Elite season 4: Omar and Ander in a love triangle on Netflix


The release of Elite season 4 has been announced by Netflix. It seems that Omar and Ander find themselves in the middle of a love triangle.

Several weeks ago Netflix announced the upcoming release of Season 4 of Elite. Omar and Ander will be back on our screens. Besides, it seems that the couple find themselves in the middle of a love triangle.

In March 2020, Season 3 of Elite premiered on Netflix. What to occupy the fans during the first confinement. In short, the series was a huge success. Not surprising !

For some time now the Spanish series have met with great success. Indeed, after La Casa de Papel, Netflix subscribers had the chance to discover Elite. The latter therefore animated spectators for three seasons.

As the episodes go by, the viewers of the series follow the daily lives of rich high school students. Between love stories, murders and steamy scenes, the series has something to satisfy fans of suspense.

Season 3 ends with the departure of some key players. This is the case, for example, of Danna Paola who plays Lu or even of Jorge Lopez who plays the role of Valerio. Even though it is rumored that Ester Exposito will return in Season 5, fans are wondering about Season 4 ahead.

In fact, just for the fans, Netflix has shared some never-before-seen shots from season 4. After the announcement, actress who plays Cayetana, Georgina Amoros unwittingly reveals new clues.


In December 2020, Netflix released photos from Season 4 of Elite. To finish filming, the streaming platform broadcast clues to fans. What to make them happy!

After an ending that leaves fans waiting, Elite returns with a new cast. Indeed, with these pictures, Netflix unveiled the new actors of the series. The fans will therefore find Pol Granch, Carla Diaz, Manu Rios and Martina Cariddi. In any case, fans are eager to discover their new characters.

After this announcement the fans were then more and more impatient. On the Web, the forecasts therefore fuse. But don’t panic, actress Georgina Amoros has released a new clue. And not least, it concerns the favorite couple: Omar and Ander. We love !

Indeed, much appreciated by fans, the legendary couple from the Netflix series then questions Internet users. It could well be that the latter ends up in a love triangle. Ouch!

Cayetana’s performer appears in a backstage video. Above, the actress watches pictures from the set. One of them is a photo of the star couple with a third boy. It appears to be actor Manu Rios.

We will have to wait for the release of season 4 to discover the new adventures of high school students. But rest assured, the series will be available during 2021 on Netflix.


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