Elite: does season 3 offer us too clichés characters? [FOLDER]

Elite made its comeback on Netflix with a season 3 rather rich in intrigue. In addition to our usual cast, we have seen two new faces added to the Las Encinas student registry. But weren’t they huge pictures added to the series?

It can be said, season 3 of Elite made an impression. While the tension is at its height in Las Encinas, new characters have appeared there.

Something to build the intrigue, but also to wonder if the show-runners keep rehearsing umpteenth stereotypes. Indeed, some saw it as a way of filling ethnic quotas …

Las Encinas therefore presents two new characters for this season: Malick on the one hand and Yeray on the other. Both are black, and study with the rest of the gang.

Does the series lack renewal? Or on the contrary, does Elite break certain codes with this kind of characters? A quick overview by MCE TV.

From the start, Nadia suspects Malick of stealing from her store. To her surprise, she will see him later in class…!

We then learn that he is from the Senegalese elite. So there is nothing about a thief in the end.

However, it seems to be a completely different cliché. That of the homosexual and repressed black Muslim.

It’s a bit much for one and the same character. Especially since this one will seduce two other racialized characters.

Namely, Nadia, which he uses to look good with his family … Then, the latter’s brother, Omar!

Remember that Nadia has already caused a lot of controversy in previous seasons. Particularly in relation to its wearing of the veil and its half-fig, half-grape attitude.

Indeed, she often seems torn between the honor of her family and the setbacks of her high school life (alcohol, boys, etc.).

For his part, Yeray seems to correspond to the idea that we have of a young black man who has succeeded in a world dominated by whites.



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