Elite: Manu Ríos Talks About Sensual Scenes From The 4ª Season Of The Series


Elite: The 4th season of Elite has the arrival of new characters at the Las Encinas school and the young Manu Ríos is one of those new features from the cast. The actor plays Patrick, an impulsive teenager responsible for many of the sex scenes in the new episodes.

Elite: Manu Ríos talks about his character in the series

Once he arrives at Las Encinas, Patrick soon becomes interested in Ander (Arón Piper), who is already engaged to Omar (Omar Ayuso). Instead of giving up on his crush, the young man is invited by the couple to participate in a “ménage”.

According to Manu Ríos, in an interview with F5, he was a little uncomfortable recording the sex and nude scenes in the shower. However, for the actor, it was what the character was asking for, so everyone struggled to do the best they could.

About the couple #Omander, Ríos believes that Patrick’s arrival could be to their advantage. He also claims that the teenager is driven by desire, which makes him impulsive and self-destructive.

Elite: Fans Criticize Season 4 Sex Scenes

The new episodes of the teen drama have arrived hotter than ever, but that doesn’t seem to have pleased fans. Since the premiere of Season 4, part of the public has complained on social media that the excess of sex scenes ruined the show and the development of the characters.

The Spanish production is one of Netflix’s biggest hits and used to be praised for its representativeness and discussions of sexual issues.

The increase in sensual scenes and changes in the Elite cast were the main points criticized by fans, who were disappointed by the chapters.

Will these criticisms influence the production of the series’ 5th season? We can only follow along to find out!

All Elite seasons are now available on Netflix.


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