Elite girls pay tribute to Jennifer Lopez


Did you ever imagine a connection between Lu, Carla, Cayetana, Rebeca and Nadia with JLo? Well, everything is possible in pop culture, and it just happened …

The hero of Elite :Danna Paola , Ester Expósito , Georgina Amorós , Claudia Salas and Mina El Hammani joined for a great cover of Cosmopolitan Spain edition, and surprised us at work with a tribute to the interpreter of El Anillo and star of Hustlers .

In the publication they indicate: “There are neither power struggles nor jealousy among the female cast of the Netflix series”


Georgina said about the friendship of the cast: “All the girls became practically sisters. We filmed together and we also met for lunch, for dinner … And it was like, aren’t you fed up with each other? Well, we have supported each other a lot in everything and it was very nice. ”

From Cosmopolitan Spain reveal: “None gets wet to choose their ‘BFF’ of the group, but between Mina and Claudia we notice a special connection.”



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