Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Burns With ‘Review Bombing’


Elite Dangerous: The study publishes an official statement in which it indicates that they will continue working to improve the gaming experience. On May 19, Frontier Developments put the Elite Dangerous expansion up for sale, but its premiere has not been as desired. Odyssey has been published with performance problems and bugs, something that has ended up affecting user reviews on Steam. In fact, the video game has received review bombing, a practice that consists of making very negative evaluations against a video game, movie, etc. From Frontier they have already issued a statement, in which in addition to apologizing, they announce updates and improvements.

“I’m sorry, but the game is not to be played, between the FPS drops and the server drops, this is infumable”, says one of the affected users. “The state in which they have released the expansion is unfortunate, for me it is still in alpha, the holograms in VR are seen in 2d, the screen at the bottom is horrible, the holome does not load the images well, the shipyard does not show the images well Ships, it gives loading errors, a pity that they have taken it that way ”, comments another.

At the time we write this news, the balance of criticism is mostly negative. Most users complain about the performance and bugs, as well as the confusing interface.

“I am more than sick of putting up with this kind of frustrations in video games. One thing is to put up with small graphic or other bugs that DO NOT affect the gameplay, but another is that you cannot play quietly without thinking ‘what will go wrong now?’

What does Frontier say?

David Braben, Head of Frontier Developments, has apologized on the publisher’s forum. “I want to make sure that we take these issues very seriously and that they are the top priority,” he says. In fact, a second hotfix is ​​already underway and is coming soon, so they hope it will help improve stability and eliminate bugs. “We will continue to work on updates that fix bugs and improve performance.”

One of the complaints that has resonated the most is the poor performance of Odyssey on some systems where it should work perfectly. “We are trying to get to the bottom of this matter. I would like to thank you all for your patience and support ”, Braben concludes.

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey is available on PC, but will be coming to consoles later.


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