Elite Class: what is the endgame of Chabashira?


This article contains spoilers for ranobe and the anime “Elite Ranobe Class”. Sae Chabashira can be a teacher, but only in a very broad sense of the word, since the title of official observer is more suitable for this sensei. While the entire educational system in the “Class Elite” can be described as particularly non-interfering, Chabashira takes this mentality to a whole new level and remains as uninvolved in the affairs of her class as possible.

She rarely gives advice or encouraging words of wisdom, instead giving a distinct impression of complete disinterest in the success of Class 1-D. However, Chabashira obviously has a long-standing rivalry with Chiyo Hoshinomiya, and suddenly it seems that he is particularly interested in Ayanokoji’s future, but why the change of heart?

Teacher Rivalry

Miss Chabashira is a student at the same school where she now teaches, and her childhood friend Chiyo Hoshinomiya is following the same path. Young Sae was unlucky that during her school years she was also placed in class 1-D, and therefore she was forced to prove herself, presumably without much success. It seems she doesn’t like to reflect on the past, which, according to her, is full of regrets, confirming the suspicion that Chabashira herself didn’t reach Class A before graduation.

Apart from her brief one-on-one conversations with Ayanokoji, the only other time Chabashira reveals her goal of ascension to Class 1-D is when competition begins between teachers. She is especially angry when comparing the potential of her class with Chiyo Hoshinomiya, the class teacher of Class B, as both ladies are aiming for a Class A place. However, Sae seems to have more faith in his student’s skills than the Chi alcohol enthusiast, indicating that they may agree that Ayanokoji has superior abilities compared to Ichinose’s Honami.

Code of Conduct – a publication for teachers

What most students may not know is the fact that their teachers have to compete with each other and that the status of their class directly affects their own success. It seems that Chabashira is doing her best to appear jaded and uninterested in the whole thing, implying that this is just a job and nothing more; and only minimal effort can be expected from her. But Ms. Chabashira’s youthful need to be recognized and accepted at Kodo Ikusei High School has obviously followed her into adulthood, although she tries very hard to hide her intentions. The sting of failure is not so acute if someone’s ambitions are unknown.

The staff of the Kodo Ikusei High School is also especially advised not to interfere in any problems of the students, and, generally speaking, Chabashira follows these rules perfectly. She was ready to allow Ken Sudo to be unfairly expelled at the instigation of Class C, and was also ready to kick him out of school herself because he lacked only one score on the test. She turns a blind eye to the bullying from Karuizawa and categorically refuses to prevent Ryuuen from moving on in the light novel when the brutality of the bullying intensified.

A missed opportunity

For the first time, Miss Chabashira demonstrates her faith in Class 1-D after Ken Sudo was almost expelled because of his test results, which she uses as an opportunity, uncharacteristically for her, to give some advice. Watching her students constantly struggle, scolding them without giving any help, Chabashira eventually informs the group of their potential to move to Class A status, offering them a glimmer of hope for the future. She probably saw very few selfless acts in all her years at this ruthless school, and the fact that Ayanokoji and Horikita sacrificed their personal glasses to help such an unpleasant classmate must have awakened Chabashira’s desire, prompting her to push her students to greatness. .

So far, the only person able to convince Chabashira to interfere in the affairs of her students is Ayanokoji, and he probably has influence only because he is the main trump card. Ayanokoji can deceive many of his classmates, but Chabashira is fully aware of his developed intelligence and has some useful information about his mysterious past. Blackmailing someone is undoubtedly an immoral act, but Chabashira goes to this extreme, trying to get Ayanokoji to help with the success of Class 1-D, knowing full well that without him they will achieve nothing (in her opinion, anyway).

However, in the “Classroom” of the novel “Elite”, Chabashira’s cover is revealed in Volume 7, when it becomes obvious that she did not receive direct instructions from Ayanokoji’s father to expel him. In fact, the young man was placed among her second-rate students so that he could remain unnoticed, with the intention of completing his school career without attracting too much attention.


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