Elite Class Season 2: Episode 6 Review


Below are spoilers for the 6th episode of the 2nd season of Classroom Of The Elite, “Adversity is the First Way to the Truth,” which is currently being broadcast on Crunchyroll.

In the 6th episode of the second season of “Elite Class”, a significant share of the growth of characters and sensational events is revealed. Although the main theme of the episode, the Sports Festival, didn’t do too well for Class 1-D, it pushed characters like Sudo and Suzune to introspect so as not to repeat their past mistakes.

To top it all off, Kikio Kushida’s true ulterior motives have finally been revealed to the audience. Although this discovery was not too shocking, since the first season of “Elite Class” already foreshadowed the true nature of Kushida. Despite this, the episode was still quite powerful, reminding viewers why “Elite Class” is one of the best titles in the genre of psychological anime.

Character development of Ken Sudo and Suzune

In episode 5, Ken Sudo became a victim of Ryuen’s unpleasant plans and provocations during the events of the Sports Festival, which nullified the efforts of the Red Team in this process. Disappointed with his inability to prove himself and Hirata’s advice, Ken decided to leave the Sports Festival forever. It would be a better strategy if there were a lot of great athletes in Class 1-D. But unfortunately, Ryuen was the mainstay holding Class 1-D together with his outstanding athletic talent. In order for the team not to suffer huge losses, Horikita took on the task of convincing Ken to return to the team, since his role was key for the team. However, Ken refused Horikita’s requests, wallowing in his self-absorbed self-pity, stating that he was becoming like his parents, whom he considers “scum”. After hearing this statement, Horikita tried to convince Ken that people decide for themselves who they become, pushing the boy to make the right decision for himself. Unfortunately, after listening to Horikita’s advice, Ken still decided not to help the team. Surprisingly, this did not stop Horikita. Instead, she waited at the elevator until Ken changed his mind.

Horikita’s wait soon paid off, as Ken went out to buy drinks again. As expected, this time she tried a new strategy to convince Ken. After showing Ken that they were more alike than they thought, Horikita lured Ken to her side. Upon closer examination of the comparison of the two characters, it can be found that both characters are really similar. For example, Ken Sudo wants everyone to see how great he is when it comes to playing sports. To do this, he cares little about working with people. On the other hand, Horikita seeks her brother’s recognition and tries to achieve this goal on her own, which leads to her isolating herself from others. It didn’t work, which she pointed out to Ken Sudo, earning his admiration and apologies. The character development between these two characters in episode 6 is commendable and is clearly visible to the audience.

The change in Ken’s behavior raised the morale of Class 1-D, allowing them to perform optimally in the last relay of the Sports Festival. In this race, the episode partially hinted at Ayanakoji’s impressive athletic abilities and thought process. Even though he didn’t win the race due to some complications, he earned the trust of some of his classmates, which may have been his intended goal in the first place. Class 1-D took the last place in the sports festival; however, the class could not be happier and more progressive.

Who is Kikio Kushida really?

The episode revealed some hidden details about Kushida. First, in the first few minutes of the episode, Ayanakoji confronted Kushida, telling her that she was a traitor who showed a form of Class D submission to Ryuuen. At first, Kushida reasonably rejects this accusation, responding cautiously and innocently. Despite this, Ayanakoji goes further, even stating that Kushida also betrayed the Class 1-D in the cruise ship test. Finally, having published irrefutable information, Kushida admits to committing actions. However, she reminds Ayanakoji of the leverage she has over him since the first season of Elite Class, reminding him that he can’t complain about her even if he wants to. First of all, she also mentioned the reasons for her actions: to ensure the exclusion of Horikita. However, the reason for her desire to exclude Horikita was not revealed until the end of episode 6.

Towards the end of episode 6, Horikita met with Ryuen and Horikita to proceed with the deal they had made earlier, in which Horikita handed over 1 million points to Ryuen and groveled at his feet. Interestingly, before doing this, she manages to get Ryuuen to reveal some of his questionable actions, secretly recording him to blackmail him later. Unfortunately for Horikita, Ryuuen foresaw this and prepared a counterattack.


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