What is the Elisa Test? How are coronavirus cases without symptoms detected?


The Ministry of Health announced that we are entering a new era in the fight against coronavirus. Elisa tests will be applied to detect those who do not show any symptoms even if they carry the virus. So what is the Elisa test, how are those who show no symptoms detected?

The most risky situation in the coronavirus epidemic is seen as individuals having the virus and not showing any symptoms. Unfortunately, some of those who carry the virus can become a carrier without any symptoms. In such a situation, patients in the risk group become Covid-19 patients by snatching the virus from these silent carriers. Here, a method called ELISA test is used for the detection of these “silent patients”.

Even before the Coronavirus ELISA tests used to find hidden epidemic outbreaks in different patients, will become available during the second outbreak in Turkey. In this way, circulating coronavirus carriers that do not show any symptoms and are planned to be increased. So what are ELISA tests, how does it differ from ordinary coronavirus tests?

What is the ELISA test?
ELISA test, which is widely used in the diagnosis of AIDS, is also a method used for different outbreaks such as hepatitis, measles, rubella, herpes. It is known for the abbreviation of the English word “Enzyme Linked Immuno Sorbent Assay”.

Apart from epidemics, a number of ELISA tests are also performed to detect some hormone tests, immune-related diseases and rheumatic conditions. It is applied to investigate infections without symptoms, to diagnose and to prevent the spread or progression of the disease.

What is the ELISA method?
This method, which enables various ELISA tests for different diseases, infections, is the general name given to techniques and assay methods that enable detection of antigen and antibody reactions.

Antibodies and antigens to be investigated in the ELISA method are marked with enzymes. In this way, since the colored enzymes make the reactions visible during the observations, the disease can be detected.

How does the ELISA method differ from ordinary coronavirus tests?
With this method, more samples can yield more quickly and in a shorter time. Therefore, in some cases the results are more advantageous than standard coronavirus tests, which take hours. In addition, people who have coronavirus but do not show any symptoms can be detected with ELISA.

ELISA tests play a key role in identifying carriers that have the potential to change the course of the outbreak.


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