Eliott and Gaspard learn that they are brothers!


In the next episode of The Big Sun series, Eliott will receive the results of his DNA test. Gaspard is his brother!

Attention spoilers! In the next episode of Such a Big Sun, Eliott will be in shock. After performing a DNA test, the young man learns that Gaspard is none other than his brother.

Viewers of Un si grand soleil are never at the end of their surprises. According to the next episode of the hit series, neither are the characters!

Indeed, Eliott could not imagine such a scenario. After receiving the DNA results, the young man learns that he is none other than Gaspard’s brother. For him it’s a shock!

So this news completely shakes him. So Eliott (Stéphane Montpetit) hurries to find Alicia. First, the person talks to him about business. In short, Croizille is a police informer. So she has to stay on her guard and be careful.

But we have to believe that Alicia doesn’t want to waste any more time. So Alicia asks Croizille to join her as soon as possible. In front of her, Croizille evokes investments to escape the tax authorities.

So, the beautiful brunette does not disassemble and threatens to denounce him to the fraud department. For his part, Becker thinks his target in Such a Big Sun has understood the trap that had been set for him.

Thus, he warns Bernier and asks him to take precautions against Eliott, who represents a threat. So the prosecutor reacts immediately and summons Justine. He asks her to find out about her informant!


So in addition to being greatly threatened, Eliott was experiencing a real identity disorder. It must be said that the young man did not expect at all to have Gaspard as a brother in Un si grand soleil.

What Alicia quite understands, by the way! However, the latter asks her son-in-law not to warn her son, Gaspard, above all. And for good reason, he doesn’t know anything about it.

So will Eliott stick to his recommendations? Or will he do whatever he wants? One thing is certain, the minutes in Such a Great Sun are numbered for him!

Indeed, Justine hastens to tell Eve about her exchange with the prosecutor. So, the latter assures us that Eliott has ten days – and not an older one – to bring down his stepmother, Alicia Boisseron.

Otherwise, the young man could well end up behind bars. And of course, not everyone who has covered it will come out unscathed either.

So if Eliott isn’t having a good time, not all of the characters in the show are. Bilal has finally succeeded in making the mothers of his daughter, Sofia and Elise, listen to reason. And for good reason, he finally adopted it after a long battle.


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