Eli Manning spoke about his expectations from Tom Brady this season


Eli Manning has high hopes for Tom Brady in his final season.

Appearing Wednesday on ESPN’s “Get Up,” the two-time Super Bowl champion told Mike Greenberg and Jeff on Saturday that he expects TB12 to be the same QB he’s been up to this point in his career.

I expect it to be as good as the last 20-plus years. This guy knows how to play football, he knows the offense, he knows the players… so the fact that he took a short break during training camp, the guys have done it before. Michael Strahan did this to us, just didn’t report it. …Brady did the same thing, only with a different approach.

Brady is completing an MVP-level campaign in 2021. But with injuries in the offensive line and his strange retirement/non-retirement, some are wondering what this year might look like.

We’ll get our first look on Sunday night against the Cowboys.


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