Elena Krawzow the first hurdle athlete to pose for a playboy


Throughout its history, a large number of celebrities, actresses and athletes have paraded through the pages of Playboy men’s magazine, but 2020 will be a year highly remembered for both the publication and its followers as it is the first time gives space to an athlete with a disability.

In the German edition of September, Playboy chose for its cover Elena Krawzow, a Paralympic swimming star who has a visual impairment that only allows her to use 3% of her vision.

Through a post on Instagram, Krawzow revealed that he decided to accept Playboy’s proposal to give a message of greater tolerance on the part of society towards disabled people.

“If true! ⁣

I am the first female Paralympian on the cover of Playboy⁣. I could not refuse this possibility and I am very grateful for the request from Playboy Germany.

With the filming, I want to set an example of more tolerance in society. So that people with disabilities can create anything and not hide, even if you are not like most, because not all disabilities are seen at first glance, diversity is part of society and tolerance helps us all, “wrote the professional swimmer.

Elena Krawzow was born in Kazakhstan, her family has German and Russian ancestry. As a child, she was diagnosed with Stargardt’s disease, a condition that affects vision. At the age of 13, she began swimming and her efforts led her to the Paralympic Games in London, where she won the silver medal. She is currently training for the Tokyo 2021 games, a competition in which she hopes to bring back a medal.


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