Elena chose Damon despite being better with Stefan


Many fans of The Vampire Diaries, including over the years (and multiple spinoffs), believe that Stelena, Stefan and Elena’s ship pairing, should have been the endgame.

Are Elena and Damon harmful to them?

Damon is incredibly toxic and his relationship with Elena is far from healthy. In The Vampire Diaries, Damon shows that he can’t handle rejection. After Elena rejects his advances towards her, Damon responds by killing Jeremy.

However, this is not an isolated incident, as Damon remains that way for most of the series. In the fifth season of The Vampire Diaries, Elena and Damon’s relationship goes through a rough patch, and she reacts by killing Aaron, one of her closest friends.

Also, Elena rarely addresses Damon’s anger issues in The Vampire Diaries. Instead, she continues to forgive him, over and over again, creating a dynamic that is truly terrible.

Do Stefan and Elena really love each other?

Unlike Damon, Stefan also values ​​Elena’s opinions and never forces her to do anything against her will. He even stays true to her. Unlike his brother, Stefan does not lash out with jealousy in The Vampire Diaries.

Is there a difference in Stefan’s emotions?

Unlike his brother, Stefan does not possess these qualities when his human emotions are intact in The Vampire Diaries. Stefan, therefore, never intentionally hurts Elena, unlike Damon.

Between Damon’s anger issues, the toxicity of Elena and Damon’s relationship, and how pure the love between Stefan and Elena was, it’s hard not to see which brother Elena should have ended up with in The Vampire Diaries.

Even though she ultimately chose Damon, it’s safe to say that Stefan was actually the best choice and as the years go by more and more fans of The Vampire Diaries will support the idea of few.


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