Elena Anaya: “Woody Allen told me it was horrible


Unlike many other actresses and actors who now deny him and who assure that they deeply regret having worked under him, the Spanish actress Elena Anaya not only just starred in Woody Allen’s latest film, “Rifkin’s Festival”, but also which is also proud to have added, thanks to the New York director, a new international film to his already eclectic cinematographic career.

Of course, although the Palencia interpreter would not think twice before accepting a new offer from the veteran filmmaker – whom Hollywood seems to repudiate again within the framework of the #MeToo movement and after unearthing the accusations, already judged, that he had abused sexually of her daughter Dylan when she was just a child – the truth is that Elena has not exactly painted a very flattering portrait of her eccentric boss in her last television interview.

“Yes, yes, it is hard. It sunk me for many days. I respect him, I would continue working with him if he called me, he seems to me to be an excellent director, a teacher, a film myth, a genius. But one day she told me: ‘It’s horrible. I don’t believe anything you’re doing, you’re the worst actress in movie history. ‘ I had a cup in my hand and it was at that moment when I thought I was going to start shaking ”, the artist revealed as she passed through the“ Late Motiv ”program.

When the presenter Andreu Buenafuente wanted to delve slightly into the anecdote to find out if, deep down, it was all a practical joke on Allen’s part, Elena Anaya quickly denied the theory with the following statements: “No, no, no, because He told me many other days. Then it is true that her production company, Helen, would come and tell me not to worry, that she tells a lot of people that, even the best actors she has worked with. I took it as a consolation prize ”, explained the actress with a laugh.


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