‘Electronic Nose’ is Being Developed That Can Detect Diseases in Airplanes


To develop a device with the potential to detect viruses, aircraft manufacturer Airbus and Silicon Valley-based venture Koniku Inc. took the first step.

The new type of coronavirus (Covid-19) epidemic that occurred in Wuhan, China at the end of 2019 is now occurring in almost all countries around the world. The epidemic, which greatly threatens human health, also harms the global economy. Aviation is one of the sectors most affected by the epidemic.

The aviation industry, which lost confidence with the outbreak, is Airbus and Silicon Valley-based venture Koniku Inc. to recover lost trust. launched a project in partnership with.

These two companies have started working to develop a device that has the potential to detect diseases thanks to the sensors it has. According to Koniku Inc, the Financial Times reports, the device smells of air and reports what is happening inside.

The device, which is currently in the prototype stage, can be used in airports and airplanes when it passes the tests. There is no date for the device to be used yet. Italian seat company Aviointeriors modeled how to make plane trips in the post-epidemic period with its design studies.

In the “Janus” seat design shared by Aviointeriors from Instagram, it is seen that glass partitions are placed between the passengers to reduce the risk of spreading the coronavirus.

The design allows passengers sitting side by side to sit in opposite directions. Thus, passengers travel in such a way that they never face.


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