Electronic ballot box simulator: how to vote step by step


Did you know that there is a simulator that teaches you how to vote in the electronic voting machine step by step? Since 1996, Brazil has decided to use this technology on a larger scale for the exercise of democracy, but even with more than 2 decades of use, many people still have doubts on how to use it.

It was with this in mind that the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) created an electronic ballot box simulator application. The software presents a fictitious list of candidates and parties, so that no ulterior motives occur.

How to vote in the electronic voting machine step by step

To use the application you must access the TSE official website. On the page, you can vote in the first or second round. The process is basically the same, changing only the choice of councilor and mayor and then just mayor.

We use as an example the vote in the first round. When clicking on one of the texts marked in dark blue, the user is taken to another page, with the art of an electronic ballot box. A pop-up shows the availability to choose the audio description.

The first vote is for councilman. On the screen a series of fictitious parties is displayed, such as the Sports Party, which we have chosen as an example.

For councilor it is necessary to enter five numbers. The first two digits of any candidate refer to the party; in the case of the Sports Party, the caption is 91. If you have a defined choice, just fill in the fields that are marked with the number zero.

If not, fill in the next three boxes with the number zero, so that the vote is counted for the caption of interest. Click on “Confirm” (green button) and your vote will be counted. The next task is the vote for mayor.


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