Electronic Arts Announces Play Live 2020 Event Postponed


Electronic Arts announced that it is delaying the Play Live 2020 event to be held on June 11 due to the protests in the USA. The event’s new date is set for June 18.

As a result of the increasing protests against racism in the United States in recent days, many companies have delayed their activities to prevent getting attention from protests. One of these companies was Electronic Arts. EA announced today that it has postponed the Play Live event on its share on Twitter.

The EA Play Live 2020 event, which is the last of the successive snooze news in recent days, will be held on June 11. However, the company announced in the statement it shared on Twitter that the event was postponed to 18 June .

EA Play Live 2020 has been delayed:

In the statement shared by Electronic Arts, the answer to the question of why the event was postponed was also given. “We are changing our time to get together in the game with the important speeches and important sounds in the world,” the company said in the statement that the decision to postpone was announced.

EA Sports, the brand that develops sports games, has shared a statement on Twitter today and shared the measures it will take to prevent the behaviors against racism in its games. In addition, Valve has announced that it has delayed the Steam Game Festival: Summer 2020 event to be held on Steam.

The companies, which do not want to undermine the importance given to the increasing protests in the USA, have decided to postpone their planned activities in the coming weeks for at least a week. These companies include EA, as well as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone’s developer Infinity Ward, World of Warcraft’s developer Blizzard and many more.


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