Electrical problem: looking for a battery for the Nissan Leaf!


If in the USA the Nissan Leaf is the most sought after model among those who want a used electric car, in Canada at least one owner of a second-hand vehicle is regretting the purchase. Reason: the car battery has disappeared from the market.

According to Clayton Brander told CBC, his Nissan Leaf 2013, purchased in 2017, started to lose autonomy. “The dealership where I bought the car at the time said that after a few years, I could replace the battery for about $ 3,500,” he told the website.

The problem is that there are no batteries in the entire Canada. Brander went to two dealerships, three workshops and contacted Nissan’s subsidiary in the country. Nothing. “I sent six emails, and they keep telling me to look for the dealership – the management there also sent messages to Nissan Canada. A month and a half later, none of us received a response.”

Even if you get a new battery, you will have to pay $ 11,000 to replace it (the car cost $ 9,700). “In three years and with 40 thousand kilometers driven, I changed the tires and the windshield wiper fluid. Nothing breaks. It’s a fantastic cart “, laments Brander.

Outside the dump

Last year, the price charged for replacing the battery of Nissan electric cars that had cost about $ 17,000 could amount to almost $ 35,000.

As a result, computer technician (and owner of an electric Nissan) Sal Cameli created the Nissan LEAF Battery Replacement website, a dealer locator for refurbished batteries.

“Nissan has received praise for popularizing EVs, but it loses customers by not supporting older vehicles – it pushes us new models instead of keeping old ones, bought by those who believed in the future of electric cars, out of dumps,” he says. Branden.


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