Electric smart toothbrush: Oclean X Pro


According to the World Health Organization, it is possible to keep teeth healthy and to minimize diseases by brushing correctly every day. Although people brush their teeth regularly, research shows that proper brushing methods are unknown. Right at this point: The Oclean X Pro smart toothbrush helps to maintain dental health and brush correctly.

Today, everyone’s consumption habits, lifestyle and oral health differ, and this directly affects tooth brushing methods. The software of Xpro offers the most suitable brushing method for the person by analyzing many criteria from diet to life habits.

What does the Oclean X Pro smart toothbrush offer?

While the toothbrush has more than 20 preset programs, there are hundreds of customized brushing options. Oclean X Pro has a built-in 6-axis gyroscope and chip that can collect and process brushing data.

Thanks to the developed algorithms, the angle between the toothbrush and the teeth is detected, all data from the applied pressure to the brushing time are analyzed carefully. In this way, when it is detected that the user is not brushing his teeth properly, it is explained how to brush it through the mobile application.

For example, when you put too much pressure on your teeth, pressure and power are automatically reduced to protect tooth enamel and flesh. To summarize, help establish a good brushing habit Oclean X Pro has a powerful eight blind spot detection function, unlike other electric toothbrushes on the market with Blind Spot Detection.


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