Electric screwdriver and drill: the best models


Investing in good tools to do manual works or works at home is essential to guarantee a good result. Two indispensable equipment for those who venture into these activities are the screwdriver and the drill, devices that greatly facilitate the work with their specific functions.

The impact drill is most recommended for heavy drilling work. The screwdriver is more used to fix, tighten or unscrew screws and rivets. However, these two tools can be coupled in a single equipment, providing much practicality and agility.

But after all, how is the price of the drill and screwdriver on the national market? In this article, we have separated some options from these tools for you to know good equipment options.

Impact Drill 10mm 500W, Hammer

The Hammer drill is an impact device that has a power of 500 W. This tool is intended for domestic use, but it is also the choice of professionals who need such a device when carrying out their work.

The Hammer GYFI1000 electric drill model has a safety lock for continuous use, in addition to a practical drilling or impact mode selector. In other words, with this selector, you can manually activate the impact mode, designed to drill holes in more resistant materials, such as masonry and concrete.

550W Impact Drill, Mondial

Another recommended impact drill (and very well evaluated by buyers) is the model FI-09 from Mondial. With a power of 550 W, this equipment is also recommended for domestic use, ideal for those who need to drill holes in materials such as wood, plastic and even more resistant compounds, such as concrete and masonry.

It is worth mentioning that the Mondial drill is 100% rolled, which guarantees much more quality, resistance and durability to the product. The power, slightly higher than the standard, provides high speed and guarantees a good performance to meet different needs.

The model also comes with a chuck key, instruction manual and service manual. The trigger lock, ideal for long-term work, is a practicality that we do not find in all impact drills.

Impact Drill 700W 127V, Mondial

With a higher power, the model FFI-05 of impact drill from Mondial is already destined for those looking for a more professional equipment. Drill accessories, such as the handle and the depth gauge, can make the final result even better when drilling.

With a power of 700 W, this electric drill is capable of reaching up to 3000 RPM, a speed that is variable and reversible. This model is also 100% rolled, which guarantees more quality, durability and resistance for the equipment, in addition to a longer useful life.


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