Electric scooter made of wood is ideal for the elderly


An electric scooter built of wood is the newest creation by Japanese designer Mikiya Kobayashi. Designed for the elderly and individuals with limited mobility, the ILY-Ai scooter tries to minimize deficiencies and add more beauty to the environment with its peculiar and discreet look.

Kobayashi’s work is composed of a vehicle with a front pair of huge wheels, and a single rear wheel, fitted to the body entirely built of solid wood. ILY-Ai escapes the visual trend of electric scooters and replaces the futuristic and metallic look with a matte body, in a virtually unique body and with very low speeds.

Its entire composition indicates that its best use scenario would be indoors. The manufacture is on account of the technologies of the Japanese Aisin Seiki, specialized in the creation and production of components for the automotive industry, alongside collaborator Karimoku, one of the main suppliers of wood in Japan.

For Kobayashi, the wooden body creates an aesthetic of an organic product, adding an element that integrates environments without attacking it. The controls are assembled at the front, in the only section built in aluminum, accompanied by sensors at the front, dedicated to braking the vehicle in cases of collision.

According to the Yanko Design website, the partnership with the supplier Karimoku is the guarantee that the wood that makes up the scooter is functional and its smooth curves were developed with a focus on comfort.


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