Electric racing car ready for off-road

Lordstown Motors’ electric racing car is ready for off-roading. Lordstown Motors wants to prove that the Endurance electric truck is wild-ready with a familiar strategy.

Autoblog reports that Lordstown unveiled a version ready to race at the SCORE World Desert Championship San Felipe 250 on April 17th. The upgraded EV is ready for the Mexican race, with larger off-road wheels, four high-powered driving lights, mirrors and windows.

Lordstown Motors wants to prove Endurance’s talent

According to company executive Steve Burns, the race will prove the Endurance the “toughest” truck on the planet, ideally even if it reduces emissions. If all goes well, Lordstown’s racer is expected to provide further evidence that electric trucks are ready for tough conditions.

However, it is predicted that competition could undercut the current limitations of electric vehicles. The race covers a 290-mile track. But the Endurance, which goes on the streets, has a range of only 250 miles.

Even if the weight is reduced, it is anticipated that the Endurance will have to recharge in the middle of the race while the racing variant outperforms rivals. For this reason, it is stated that Lordstown was unlikely to win. Until he improved the range of his vehicles, it is stated that this challenge was more of a testament to the capability than a realistic bid for motorsport victory.



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