Electric Pressure Cooker: Tips for Shopping on Black Friday


Electric Pressure Cooker: Black Friday is awaited by many consumers as it is the best time to buy a range of products. On that day, several promotions are offered, covering different categories, such as electronics, apparel, small appliances and much more.

If you are thinking of making your routine more practical with new kitchen products, you should consider purchasing a pressure cooker. In addition to its practicality, this item has become indispensable in the kitchen due to the security and several extra functions it offers.

See some tips on how to choose your electric pressure cooker on Black Friday.


The capacity of the pressure cooker is one of the most important aspects when choosing. Currently, there are models on the market with support for 3 to 6 liters, enough to accommodate small, medium and large families.

The tip is to buy a pot whose capacity is a number greater than the number of members in the family. If there are 4 people living in a house, a 5 liter electric pressure cooker is the ideal model.

This is because the capacity offered is not always the usable capacity of this appliance. To solve your doubts, consult each model individually, and look for images that are closer to the reality of the product.


Power determines consumption and how fast the electric pressure cooker will cook food. Although this aspect follows a pattern in models available on the market, it is important to pay attention to versions that offer a low power for a large capacity.

A 5 liter crockpot and less than 800W will take a long time to prepare food. Therefore, choose a model whose power is at least 900W for that capacity.


One of the reasons that prevents people from using a pressure cooker is the fear of it “exploding”. Electric models generally offer mechanisms that considerably reduce the risk of any accident, such as safety locks and automatic shutdown. Consult these resources to understand if the model you are choosing is safe.

extra features

It is very common to find extra functions in an electric pressure cooker. Automatic food heating, cooking schedule for different recipes, non-stick surface and a panel with additional information are good examples of features you can look for in a product.

In addition, some models also offer extra accessories such as a serving spoon and a tray for steaming vegetables. So, the final tip is to take into account these extra features and products that may come along with your pan.