Electric motorcycle the same as gasoline in Germany


The BlackTea Moped, an electric motorcycle geared towards urban environments created in Germany that arrived to compete with traditional models, is pre-sold. The main highlight is the price of the project on the Indiegogo crowdfunding website. Its initial price is 4,200 euros (about R $ 25,600, in direct conversion) – with a discount on the pre-sale, leaving 2,290 (approximately R $ 14,000).

Developed by the Munich startup BlackTea Motorbikes, it reaches a top speed of 80 km / h, close to that achieved by fossil fuel options. The novelty has no functional pedals and offers a long seat, allowing rides to be offered.

Powered by a 3 kW continuous and 5 kW peak rear hub motor, its 72 V and 24.5 Ah battery is stored in the vehicle body – with a range of 70 km at mixed speeds in the city, on average 45 km / h, according to the company. You can still add a second and double that range.

LED halo headlights, dual sports tires, double rear shock absorbers, regenerative braking and double hydraulic disc brakes are part of the electric bike, which, for now, is aimed at the European and North American market.

Are you interested? To acquire it before the launch, expected for 2021, just access Indiegogo’s financing campaign – there is, of course, the possibility that it will not actually see the light of day.


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