‘Electric motorcycle car’; as versatile as a motorcycle


The German company Canyon has announced its new electric hybrid vehicle concept, which works both as a motorcycle and as a car. The idea is far from new, but, unlike other approaches, the “podbike” was focused on development, and can, for the first time, revolutionize the vehicle sector by combining the comfort and safety of a car and the versatility and agility of a motorcycle in a single product.

Concept has already been explored and failed

Since the 1980s, companies have been trying to create vehicles that can circumvent traffic problems in large and overcrowded cities, but so far, none of them has been able to bring a definitive solution.

Bicycles with a reclining seat continue to depend entirely on the rider for movement. Scooters with extra space, but open, do not serve users on typically rainy days, while closed scooters with limited speed do not allow traffic on all types of roads.

Canyon “podbike” has high potential

Canyon’s podbike was developed with the objective of meeting the needs of drivers who live in large cities, but with a focus on current and future traffic problems, in addition to being driven by the routine change caused by the new coronavirus pandemic.

The vehicle is electric and therefore does not emit carbon dioxide. Designed to be a “motorcycle”, the vehicle is compact and has a reclining seat. Even so, it still has extra space, which can accommodate a child or a certain amount of luggage.

The chassis is fully enclosed, which makes it useful even on rainy days. The retractable roof still allows the rider to have the same feeling of freedom, as if on a regular motorcycle.

The key point of the podbike is its electric motor, which has two speed limits: 60 km / h (for highways) and 25 km / h (ideal for cycle paths). Fully charged, the battery has a range of up to 150 km, which can be extended if the driver uses the pedals to recharge the vehicle.

The company intends to start testing the vehicle in three years, and to launch it on the market in a maximum of five years, for a value not exceeding € 7,000.


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