Electric Hummer SUV to be unveiled by GMC in April


To prove that the electric version of the Hummer can withstand even the most extreme conditions, GMC, the division of pickups and trucks of General Motors, released, last Sunday (7), a video in which it demonstrates the performance of the vehicle when subjected to rigorous sub-zero tests in Michigan, United States.

In addition, the brand brought a novelty: on April 3, during the quarterfinals of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) basketball championship, it will reveal the SUV model of the launch.

Slippery surfaces, including steep terrain, with snow and ice, were some of the obstacles imposed on the Hummer EV during its development, and you can see how it overcomes them below.

“The main tests include the integration of its powerful distribution of traction torque on the four wheels with the traction control system, as well as the calibration and evaluation of the electronic stability control system”, indicates the company.

High expectations

Little is known about the Hummer EV’s SUV model, and, to pique the public’s curiosity, GMC released a teaser in which it is possible to notice the presence of a spare wheel at the rear.

Anyway, according to InsideEVs, it is expected to charge a battery of over 200 kWh, guaranteeing autonomy of more than 560 kilometers on a single charge, and Crab Mode, in addition to everything that is included in more modest versions.

As for the expected arrival on the market, well, consumers who have already purchased Edition 1 should receive it only in 2022. Therefore, it may take a good deal of patience to get their hands on this luxury unit.

Still, more details are expected to be released in less than four weeks.


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