Electric ‘half car, half motorcycle’ manages to sew traffic


Poland’s startup Triggo has announced a prototype of an extremely compact electric vehicle, which gets confused, hour with a car, hour with a motorcycle. The Triggo EV has four wheels, like an ordinary car, but they can be retracted to decrease the width of the car until it is almost as thin as a motorcycle.

You might even think that it would be easier to have two vehicles – a car and a motorcycle – and switch between them. However, many people are not fans of motorcycles, either because of the lack of security, the lack of comfort on long trips, or because they are not very comfortable on rainy days.

As the Triggo has four wheels, the driver does not have to worry about balancing to guide him. It also has a closed cabin, which keeps the driver and a passenger protected from wind, sun and rain.

When driven at a maximum speed of 25 km / h, the vehicle can retract the wheels and assume a maximum width of 85.9 cm. If it is above 25 km / h, the vehicle must be driven with the wheels expanded. Thus, it has a maximum width of 147.8 cm.

The Triggo EV has two electric motors, which add up to 15 kW. There are approximately 20 horsepower, with the possibility of reaching a top speed of 90 km / h and a range of 100 km.

The company said the next step is to be able to legalize the retraction and expansion system of the Triggo wheels, so that it can be used normally in traffic. They also reported that the goal is to employ the Triggo EV as a product in urban travel services with passenger transport and goods deliveries, and not as a vehicle for the end user.


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