Electric future: VinFast announces 3 new crossovers


Tesla is gaining more and more competitors in the electric car market. Mercedes recently launched the new EQA in Europe and now we have the Vietnamese VinFast expanding its market with the global announcement of 3 crossovers: the VF31, VF32 and VF33, both electric and with very interesting features.

Starting with the VF31, which is the smallest of the 3, it has only a 42 kW engine and can run up to 300km on a full charge. Its sales start in May 2021 with the first units being delivered in November only in Vietnam.

The VF32 and VF33 models will have global availability, which has already been confirmed for the USA and Canada. Speaking specifically of the VF32 (cover photo), it promises to be a beautiful competitor for the Tesla Model Y having a power equivalent to 200 and 400 horsepower in options with 1 and 2 engines, respectively. The battery of this model has 90 kWh.

The VF33, as you can see, is the largest of the 3 presented today. It arrives with a range of up to 550km on a single charge, 106kWh battery, a 15.4-inch multimedia screen and panoramic sunroof, in addition to LED Matrix headlights.

It is interesting to mention that both the VF32 and the VF33 have level 3 autopilot with 14 cameras, 19 360º sensors and LiDAR to understand everything around the vehicle and determine actions.


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