Electric Flying Car Reminiscent Of Star Wars Successfully Completes Tests


Electric Flying Car: Last Thursday (17), the Australian company Airspeeder completed the first test flights with the Alauda Mk3, a flying electric racing car. Remotely piloted, eVTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) was also overseen by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority of Australia.

In a press release, the company compares the achievement with “automotive and aviation pioneers such as Enzo Ferrari, Karl Benz, John Alcock and Arthur Brown”. The Airspeeder project was started in 2019 by entrepreneur Matthew Pearson and resembles the speeders used in the Star Wars saga.

The exact test locations of the first flights, which took place in the deserts of South Australia, have not been revealed. With this, the company hopes that the first races with electric flying cars will take place as early as 2021 “in three international locations to be unveiled soon”.

The races must bring experienced pilots in aviation, motorsports and even sports to pilot the vehicles remotely. Augmented Reality (AR) should also be used to enhance the experience. The public, in turn, would watch the transmissions over the internet.

Short and fast flights

Airspeeder is also expected to announce a pre-season racing period. Alauda Aeronautics Mk3 EXA vehicles weigh 130 kg and can reach 99 km/h, climbing up to 500 meters in 2.8 seconds. The removable battery, according to the manufacturer, can be replaced in less than 20 seconds and has autonomy to fly from ten to 15 minutes.

“EXA delivers on the promise of a future shown for the first time in science fiction. We are proud to present a sport that defines what humans and machines can achieve together,” Pearson said in a statement. The vehicle has, among others, sensors and systems to prevent collisions.


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