Electric car’s battery changes after 10 years?


The popularization of electric cars in the world created a doubt in the minds of new owners: how to change the vehicle’s battery when it no longer offers good autonomy? The question has been answered gradually, and companies have already found ways to perform this service in the best way.

A mechanical workshop in the city of Cheltenham, in the west of England, specialized in exchanging parts for the Nissan Leaf, one of the most popular electric cars in the world in the last decade and which suffers from the lack of replacement batteries.

From a partnership with a Dutch company, the company made the procedure feasible and even gave more autonomy to the new models installed. The service was shown in a video on YouTube, which was published last week on the Fully Charged Show channel. Matt Cleeverly, owner of Cleeverly EV, explained how the procedure is performed.

First, he said that changing batteries was not a job that mechanics were used to doing. However, in the past few years customers have started asking about it and he decided to investigate how to do the job.

The expert explained that the process is not so simple because there is a communication system between the battery and the car. This management software communicates with the rest of the car and is “edited” to adapt to the new part.

“Typically, the batteries that are exchanged are from the first generation, which are in a worse state than those of the following generations. They have been in use for about 10 years on the Nissan Leaf, ”he said.

Get to work

The whole process of changing batteries takes between 3 and 4 hours. The professionals check the quality of the original item and produce a report, noting the condition of the cells.

After that, a part that has a network connection is installed in the car. It captures data from the battery that is sent to Dutch company Muxsan, a partner in Cleeverly’s workshop. The Dutch company restructures the data – which precisely interact with the vehicle – and sends the information back to England.

“While they are doing the modification, we take the old battery out of the car, with the help of the ramp, and put the new one, which fits in the same way as the previous one,” reported Cleeverly.

The owner of the auto repair shop also said that the battery’s communication voltage is changed at the installation. The process of replacing the wiring and welding is the longest of all labor.


Changing the battery of the Nissan Leaf has, among the benefits, greater autonomy. The vehicle can go from 24 kWh of storage capacity to 40 kWh.

The cost of this work can be considered a bit salty, reaching around 8,500 pounds sterling (about R $ 65,000 in direct conversion).

Cleeverly also pointed out that they make the battery available to the customer, in case he wants to take it home. The equipment that is not taken will be part of a warehouse project that is being planned by the company.

In a scenario where it has been very difficult to find Nissan Leaf batteries in the world, how does the store achieve this feat? The specialist explained that they are captured from beaten or badly damaged cars, but whose batteries remained in good quality.


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