Electric cars: Average consumption of an electric vehicle


With each passing year and with climate change increasingly on the agenda, electric cars are taking over the global automotive scene. In 2020, Brazil recorded the best year of sales of electric vehicles in the country’s history.

Although the demand has increased, many people still have some doubts. One of them is: how to know the average consumption cost of an electric car? Before you start, you need to understand the energy efficiency of your vehicle. That’s because cars can measure in different ways, changing the calculation.

kWh per 100 kilometers

If your tram measures its efficiency in kilometers per kWh, you need to take the kWh value and multiply it by the current electricity cost per kWh in your region.

Imagine that the EV uses 30 kWh to run 100 km. If the value of electricity is $ 0.79 (current value in the state of Paraná), then 30 kWh costs $ 23.70. From there, knowing the cost per kilometer is simple, just divide $ 23.70 per 100. In this case, the cost per kilometer of the vehicle is $ 0.23.

Kilometers per kWh

If your tram measures efficiency in kilometers per kWh, just calculate how much each kilometer costs, dividing the electricity price in kWh of your region by the number of kilometers traveled.

Imagine that 1 kWh costs $ 0.79 and that it was possible to cover 4 km. Just divide $ 0.79 by 4. In this case, the cost per kilometer was $ 0.19.


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