Electric car move from Uber’s big rival


Addison Lee, one of the UK’s largest taxi companies, is preparing to completely renew its fleet. Here are the details..


Continuing its activities as a courier and private taxi rental company in London, Addison Lee took an exemplary step regarding electric vehicles. Lee, also known as London’s largest taxi company, will electrify all cars in its passenger car fleet by 2021.

The company, which currently has more than 4,800 vehicles in its fleet, increased this number to 7 thousand with the new black taxis it bought. The company, which has only 650 zero-emission vehicles among thousands of vehicles, cooperated with Volkswagen to switch its entire fleet to electric vehicles.

Exemplary move from Addison Lee!

Addison Lee, who started the change with a radical decision he took, will renew it with ID.4 vehicles as a result of his cooperation with Volkswagen. The company, which invested 218 million dollars for this renovation, became the focus of congratulations with its environmentalist approach.

Equipped with a 77 kWh lithium-ion battery pack, the ID.4 stands out with its 250 miles (402 KM) range, making it ideal for urban use. In addition, the vehicle with 201 horsepower is expected to have an efficient drive in the city in terms of performance.

Aiming to add 450 more EVs to its fleet by the end of the year, in addition to the 650 electric cars it currently owns, the company plans to replace 200 electric cars per month until its entire fleet becomes fully electrified.

It is also stated that the company will establish a charging infrastructure for its drivers using the Future Mobility Fund, which it established with an investment of 4 million dollars. It is stated that if Addison Lee reaches its goal by 2023, it will surpass its competitors such as Uber.


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