Electric car explodes while battery charged in China


The explosion of an electric car was captured on video in the Chinese province of Fujian, in the city of Sanming (China). The vehicle’s battery was being recharged on August 20 and started to overheat. The city’s fire department was activated and, at the time of the explosion, it is possible to notice that there was already a jet of water being thrown in the car.

It is not possible to identify the make or model of the vehicle from the images, and there are no details on what exactly happened to cause the explosion. Most likely, the car had a problem with the battery, and the recharging process worsened the situation.

According to local news, no one was injured in the blast, although several parts of the vehicle were hurled away.

It is important to note that lithium-ion batteries, commonly used in electric cars and cell phones, only explode when there is a manufacturing failure or suffer damage due to misuse.

Despite the impressive video, electric car-type accidents are extremely rare (so much so that they became news), and there is no reason to fear being near charging stations or even driving such vehicles.

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