Electric Car Concept Introduces Vision Urbanaut


UK-based automaker Mini introduced its concept, Vision Urbanaut, which focuses on using space inside. The concept offers its users different usage modes and a living space.

The world’s largest automobile companies can show how cars could look in the future by publishing their own concept models or ideas from time to time. The last name to join these companies was the UK-based car manufacturer Mini.

The Mini demonstrated a new concept car that demonstrates how mobility can ever be achieved in the future. However, this concept was not similar to the Mini models we have seen so far or any other car. The digital concept, called the Vision Urbanaut, may be home to some of the company’s future cars.

Mini’s concept car: Vision Urbanaut:

The Vision Urbanaut, published by Mini as a digital concept, has a single-volume cabin. This cabin offers both a comfortable space and a living space even if you are not traveling. In addition, the living space inside the vehicle can be changed in just a few steps, according to the company statement.

When the vehicle is in travel mode, the cabin changes to a four-seater structure with 2 rotatable seats. Apart from that, there are three different special modes in the vehicle. These modes, under the name of ‘mini moments’, are named ‘Chill’, ‘Wanderlust’ and ‘Vibe’. Each of the modes is home to a different ambiance light, music and scent, and more.

The Mini sees the Vision Urbanaut concept as a tool for shared mobility. For example, a family can access the vehicle with the help of smart devices. Commenting on the concept, Adrian van Hooydonk, head of design at BMW Group, stated that the Mini has always favored ‘Intelligent Use of Space’.

Mini did not share too many details about the concept it published. However, the company added that the vehicle will of course be electric. We do not yet know whether this Mini car will be a real car. Even though the company has published a concept, it’s important to remember that it’s just an idea.


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