Elections: delaying disclosure of failed votes the computer


On Sunday night (15), the president of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE), Luís Roberto Barroso, confirmed that a technical problem in a supercomputer was responsible for the delay in counting votes in the 2020 elections.

According to Barroso, one of the cores of the supercomputer that processes the information received from the Regional Electoral Courts failed and needed to be repaired. São Paulo was one of the regions most affected by the problem: more than four hours after the end of the vote, only 0.39% of the city’s polls had been added up.

“The idea that the delay could bring some kind of consequence to the result does not make any sense. Because the result was already out when the ballot box printed the bulletin. The data arrived for the totalization totally intact and only the process of adding these 400 thousand sections was extremely slow due to one of the processors having suffered a technical problem ”, explained Barroso.

This means that the technical problem that occurred occurred exclusively at the TSE, resulting only in the slowness of the sum of votes, and not in the transmission of data from the polls.

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