Elections 2020: Mesário app starts training this Tuesday


Anyone who volunteered or was called to be a secretary in this year’s elections will receive training starting this Tuesday, September 1st. Due to the pandemic caused by the new coronavirus, the training will take place through the Distance Education Portal of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) and through the Mesário application, of the Electoral Justice (already available on the App Store and Play Store).

According to the TSE, “only in exceptional cases, such as problems with internet connection or the lack of access to digital platforms, the training will be in person, following the health security protocols”.

The polling officials called by the Electoral Justice will find, in the letter of convocation, the location (in the case of face-to-face training), the date, the class and the registration key for the course. In the case of voluntary board members, the summons may be sent by email, WhatsApp or SMS.

Training will be given in one day. According to the TSE, “the certificate of completion issued will only be valid to prove the summons by the Electoral Justice if it is accompanied by a declaration or certificate issued by an electoral registry”, to be provided only after each round of the election.

Postponed elections

In early July, the National Congress approved to postpone this year’s elections, which would take place on October 4 and 25, to November 15 and 29. The decision was defended by the TSE and health professionals. The approved text also foresees the deadline of December 27 for elections in cities with a high number of covid-19 cases.

Another change in this year’s electoral process is the elimination of biometric identification, whose mandatory suspension was suspended by the president of the TSE, minister Luís Roberto Barroso, on the advice of the group of doctors who provide advice to the court.


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