Elderly Coronary Virus Cases Allegedly Not Intensive Care in Sweden


The increase in coronavirus cases also puts excessive strain on countries’ health systems. One of the controversial claims was made in Sweden, which is one of the countries whose health system has come to the point of collapse.

The new type of coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic that brings life to a halt worldwide is also testing the health system of countries. Throughout this process, some countries succeeded, while others began to choose patients due to the insufficient health system. According to the news of Aftonbladet newspaper, the patient started to be selected for intensive care in Sweden.

It is claimed that Karolinska University Hospital, known for its research studies in Sweden, instructed doctors not to take coronavirus patients over 80 years of age into intensive care. In the document published by the hospital, it was also claimed that the patients who are over 60 years old and who have chronic illnesses are not given priority to intensive care.

As a result of the reflection of this incident on the press, there was a lot of reaction to the hospital, and a statement came from the hospital administration, which was at the center of the events. Management said, “Medical priority is always based on the patient’s expectation to cope with intensive care and to recover. If the patient’s expectation of recovery is not high, intensive care treatment is not used. ” The number of people caught in coronavirus in Sweden has reached 9,141. In this process, 793 people died.

Coronavirus tests the health systems of countries:
Patient selection, especially in countries with a poor health system, seems to have begun in Sweden if the claims are true. The real question is; What new updates will countries make in their healthcare systems after getting rid of the striking coronavirus outbreak. Many countries, especially countries such as Italy, Spain, USA, are now forced to choose people due to the large number of patients. Although the health system of our country seems to have the capacity to cope with current coronavirus cases, we may have to make such sad decisions in our country if the outbreak is out of control.

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