The Elder Scrolls Online’s ESO Plus Benefits are Short-Term Free


Bethesda launched a free trial period that provides 1 week access to The Elder Scrolls Online’s ESO Plus subscription. Players can experience all premium content, including DLCs, with ESO Plus.

The Elder Scrolls Online players will be able to enjoy the benefits of ESO Plus membership for free for a short time, providing access to premium in-game content. All the benefits of the subscription, which is worth $ 15 per month, will be available until Monday, April 27.

ESO Plus offers features that include access to all DLC packages, unlimited storage for material production and more. Anyone with the The Elder Scrolls Online profile will have access to the new Harrowstorm DLC, which launches the annual adventure Dark Heart of Skyrim and enters the upcoming Greymoor episode. An unmissable opportunity for those who want to explore Skyrim in The Elder Scrolls Online.

How can I start the free ESO Plus?
To switch your free trial membership to ESO Plus, log into your The Elder Scrolls Online account, then go to Crown Store. Open the ESO Plus tab and click “free trial”. You don’t need to enter your credit card information or accept any terms. ESO Plus benefits will be activated immediately.

Note that the free trial does not include monthly crown payment and ESO Plus discounts. The Elder Scrolls Online players can try ESO Plus from now on. The free trial will run until 17:00 on Monday, April 27.


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