Elder Scrolls Online: Ring PvP-werewolf build Oak Soul


The new mythical item Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle — the ring of the oak soul — causes a real stir in the PvP community Elder Scrolls Online. This is an exceptionally good mythic for werewolves, even after minor nerves, and the SEO community has come up with a number of builds that use this fact.

Every new set of armor in High Izle. This build requires players to start with the Sorcerer class, although it uses stamina as its main resource. A similar build from AlcastHQ, the popular creator of the ECObuild, served as the basis for this Oakensoul Ring build. Some changes to the armor were made to compensate for the loss of the ring slot in favor of the Oakencowl Ring, but most of the game style, rotation and skill settings remained the same.

Equipment and supplies

Main Weapon Ring Ring Necklace Shoulder Head Chest Waist Arms Legs Legs New Moon Novice – 2H Sword Oak Soul Ring New Moon Engine New Moon Keeper Engine New Moon Smart Alchemist Smart Alchemist Smart Alchemist Smart Alchemist

ESO players must assemble three sets to assemble this powerful Werewolf PvP build: the New Moon Novice set, the Smart Alchemist set, and the Engine Guardian Monster set. The Clever Alchemist kit requires players to use consumables with this build, as it is triggered only after taking a potion. Thus, it is recommended to take a lot of drinks Dubious Camoran Throne or Artaeum Takeaway Broth with you in PvP battles.

The New Moon Novice Set increases the chance of a critical hit, weapon and spell damage, and also slightly reduces the cost of all abilities — if you can’t get this set, the Wrath of the Order set is much more affordable and gives no less good bonuses. The Smart Alchemist Set adds a full equipment bonus to maximum health, which significantly increases damage from weapons and spells after using consumables. The Engine Guardian set is a great self—sufficiency set, especially for PvP, as it has a good chance of summoning a healing and resource-restoring automaton with every ability used.

The skills of the Werewolf Wizard Oakensoul

As sorcerers, Oakensoul Werewolf players using this build have two useful class skills at their disposal: Critical Surge and Hurricane. Critical Surge does not add any new buffs for the Oakensoul Werewolf sorcerer, but adds self-healing with each case of critical damage, which makes it especially useful along with the New Moon Set (or the Wrath of the Order set). However, the Empowered Ward ability can also be useful as it provides a strong shield rather than self-healing.

Each new hurricane of antiquity increases movement speed and defense for a few seconds after application, and it affects a wider area than usual, due to endurance instead of magic. The 2H Weapon skill branch includes most of the front panel options, such as Critical Rush, Dizzy Swing and Forward Momentum. However, the shape of the werewolf really benefits the most from the oak soul ring. The abilities on the werewolf skill panel are pretty standard for most werewolf builds in ESO, so be sure to get used to the twists and requirements of this style of play before committing to it with this single-lane build.

Oaken soul Main Panel Skills

Skill One Skill Two New Three Skills Four Skill Five Absolute Ability Forward Momentum Critical Surge OR Enhanced Amulet Hurricane Dizzying Scope Critical Dash Werewolf Berserk

Oaken soul Werewolf Panel Skills

Skill One Skill Two New Three Skills Four Skill Five Absolute Ability Brutal Leap Hirsin’s Fortitude Ferocious Roar Howl of Agony Claws Of Life Werewolf Berserk

The Elder Scrolls Online is available for PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, Stadia, Xbox One and X Series/Series.


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