Elder Scrolls Online: how to establish mutual understanding with each companion


In The Elder Scrolls Online, The Companions system allows players to recruit selected NPCs to their side to act as a kind of group member. Companions are similar to followers from other Elder Scrolls games, but with a few key differences, thanks to which they work in the MMO format.

The best MMO’s worth trying for beginners. After the release of the High Isle chapter for The Elder Scrolls Online, there are four companions that can be unlocked: Mirri, Bastian, Amber and Isobel. One of the key mechanics of ESO Companions is the mutual understanding system. This shows how much your companion approves of you, and if you do too many things they don’t like, they may just walk away from you.

How Mutual Understanding Works in Elder Scrolls Online

Mutual understanding is a measurement of your companion’s general opinion of you as his companion. When you do what the companion likes, his mutual understanding increases. On the other hand, if the player is engaged in actions that the companion does not approve of, he will express his opinion, and your mutual understanding will decrease.

Having a high level of mutual understanding opens up unique character quest lines associated with each companion that cannot be accessed in any other way. Too low a level of mutual understanding can disappoint a companion in you and even lead to him leaving your service, but only for a short time. Completing a chain of tasks for each companion always gives you a unique positive effect, even when another companion is called. This is especially useful for companions like Isobel, whose unique ability gives extra loot at some world events.

Blackwood: how to establish mutual understanding between Mirri and Bastian

The head of Blackwood introduced the companion system for the first time in Elder Scrolls Online and brought two followers that players could hire. Mirri Elendis is a dark elf with a difficult past, and Bastian is an imperial beneficent knight. Each of them has unique requirements for building mutual understanding.

RELATED: Elder Scrolls Online High Isle: How to Get Every new Mirri title can be found outside of Doomvault Vulpinaz in the northern areas of Blackwood. Bastian can be found throughout the zone to the south, just beyond the Deep Despicable Depression on the island. When the player approaches any of these characters, they shout to announce their presence. You can also find a companion quest popup on your compass.

Mirri Elendis

Likes the Frequency of Completing tasks “Mother’s Obsession” and “Dead Weight” Once, the Guild of Fighters and Daily tasks of Vvardenfell, Killing goblins and snakes, Supplies (alcohol), Reading, Antiques, Summoning Daedric pets regularly (every <1 hour) Entering the Clockwork City, Viewing completed displays for each chapter, Daily (every 20 hours)

He does not like to collect bugs and butterflies, enter the shelter of the Dark Brotherhood with the help of the Blade of Grief for any reason.

Bastian Hallix

Likes the frequency of Completing quests “Lost things”, “Found things” and “Family Secrets” Once Daily tasks of the Guild of Magicians, events of the portal of Psijics, killing cultists and bandits, reading, antiquities, regular random meetings (every <1 hour) Entrance to the Arteum, visit to the Guild of magicians daily (every 20 hours)
Does not like to cook with cheese To be caught breaking the law And evade punishment by escaping Murder, pickpocketing or attacking innocent non-player characters, including pets

High Isle: how to establish mutual understanding between Amber and Isobel

Together with the High Isle chapter for ESO, players can try out two new companions: Khajiit Ember and Breton Isolbel. Amber, like Mirri, has a bit of a troubled past, but she can ignore much more sinister deeds than the dark elf. Isobel, on the other hand, is a Templar, similar to Bastian, but more confident and less naive.

Multiplayer games that bombed at launch, but became fan favorites. Players will undoubtedly meet these two companions during their adventures in the High Isle chapter, but if you want to unlock them faster, go to these places first.

Amber Kajit

Likes the frequency of Completing tasks “Cold Trail”, “Cold Blood, old pain” and “Green with envy” Only once Pickpocketing, looting in the treasures of thieves, completing tasks of the Thieves Guild, killing wolf-like enemies, evading the law by fleeing or fake pardon Regularly (Every <1 hour) Completing daily tasks of the Thieves Guild, the Magicians Guild and the Upper Island, using the Mercy perk, summoning non-combat pets-cats Daily (every 20-24 hours)
Doesn’t like being caught committing a crime or being seen trespassing To pay for a reward instead of running from the guards Fishing


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